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Financial Procurement and Management


About This Course

This e-learning curriculum walks participants through the basics of accounting, budgeting, and the inner and outer workings of the financial system relevant to the nature of their organisations and the work they do, through practical examples, documentation and multimedia content. It offers tips and best practices regarding project and resource management, internal and external implementation and evaluation protocols, coordination with stakeholders, record keeping and proper fund administration for CSOs.

What you’ll learn

Together we will learn:

  • The definition, importance and basic principles of procurement and financial management
  • The Main Components of the Accounting System
  • Financial Management Process and Control and basic tools for NGOs
  • The Procurement Process Cycle
  • Good Governance and Internal Controls
  • The Auditing Process
  • How to create and manage a successful budget
  • Correct Record Management

Syllabus (week by week breakdown)

  1. Introduction
    1. About the course
    2. About you
  2. Finance: Basic Financial Management
    1. Understanding Internal Controls
    2. What is financial management?
    3. The Financial Management Process
    4. Policies & Procedures Manual
    5. Keeping records
    6. Accounting System
    7. Financial Reporting
    8. NGO Financial Tools
    9. Statements
    10. Assessment
  3. Finance: Internal Control
    1. Basics of internal control
    2. Grant management
    3. NGO Good Governance
    4. Audit Process
    5. Assessment
  4. Finance: Budget Management
    1. Budget Basics
    2. Important budgeting tools
    3. Observations and tips
    4. Assessment
  5. Finance: Proper Documentation Practices
    1. Best Practices
    2. Assessment
  6. Procurement: Introduction
    1. Basics of Procurement
    2. Procurement Process
  7. Procurement: Guidelines and Tools
    1. Standard Procurement Guidelines
    2. Procurement Documents
    3. Other elements of the procurement process
    4. Farewell!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course free?

All courses in the CVC Academy catalog are free, as they are meant to serve vulnerable populations and those who work with and for them. The goal is to offer accessible learning opportunities to gain knowledge and develop useful skills so they can improve the quality of their own lives.

Am I suitable to take this course?

This is an introductory course, so no previous knowledge or training is necessary. It was designed for members of Civil Society Organisations to learn about Financial Procurement and management, in order to develop an efficient administration and achieve sustainability.

We do ask the following of all participants:

  • Commit to complete the course
  • Have access to internet connection and a device to access the learning platform

Does this course offer a certificate?

Yes, all courses in the CVC Academy catalog offer a certificate upon successful completion of all mandatory lectures and graded exercises.

What can I use this certificate for?

  • Add this certificate to your CV
  • Use it as prerequisite to access other CVC Academy advanced tracks
  • Be considered to participate in certain CVC programmes

When will I have access to lectures or assignments?

Full course content is available to all enrolled students. If you don’t have access to certain sections from your dashboard, it might be because the course is instructor-paced, and some sections are being released weekly. Check out the course profile or the introductory section for more information.